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・​・Monte Cerignone (Italy) 1883 ・・

・​・Monte Cerignone (Italy) 1883 ・・

・​・Monte Cerignone (Italy) 1883 ・・

・​・Monte Cerignone (Italy) 1883 ・・
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OUR STORY - Caffè Pascucci Japan

Pascucci began in 1883, when a pioneer in the coffee trade, Antonio Pascucci, began to venture out to distant lands to purchase fresh coffee. Antonio then brought the fresh beans back and roasted them in Monte Cerignone, located on a mountain top on the Italian Riviera. 


Since then, Pascucci has developed into a global phenomenon with over 700 worldwide locations. Pascucci takes great pride in ​having some of the most renown specialty coffees in the world, having won numerous prizes for their optimal selection. 


Pascucci continues to be a pioneer today by bringing the quality and traditionalism of Italian coffee and combining it with innovative concepts to convey a refreshingly classical but modern experience of the Italian Caffè to Japan. 


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